Chilean free education

This post is on the controversial topic of how to provide with free university education in Chile. As to what is “free” there are different ways as to approach this subject. The current government’s idea is (which neither they have a clear idea as to how to make it happen so I’ll try to explain as best I can what I think they’re aiming for) is that if the student goes to a certain group of universities, his/her first career studies are paid for by the university (which is being paid by the government). This idea sounds very good in the way that any person who wants to study can study. The problem that I think arises is a bit of the eternal student that some countries with this study approach have. From what I understand, Germany and Argentina have a free education (or mostly in the case of Germany) system up to college (excluding postgraduate degrees). Here comes a bit of hearsay and reading online (yeah, Internet never lies, but if one thinks about the system on itself it sounds possible). The problem with these systems is that students don’t have incentives to finish their studies. They can study as long as they want and as many careers as they want. Thus students in an extreme case never enter the workforce.

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WHO and Red Meats (Organizacion Mundial de la Salud)

Today there was a very controversial news in the Huffington Post about the cancer inducing properties of meats and processed meats (sausages, bacon -OM NOM NOM!-, franks and others). This news, other than being heaven sent to all vegans, caused a lot of confusions and headlines. For a lot of reasons, and for keeping myself informed so as to keep a rather somewhat healthy lifestyle, I wanted to know what this involved. Reading further there where a lot of red flags that needed clarification. Here are the following red flags that arose and that needed in depths reading:

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